If I could find a way to fix one thing in my past
Could I change everything if I gave us a second chance
Remember you would drop by just to say hello
Remember talking by the porch light about a love we used to know

Oh how I wish that I’d stayed when you asked me to
Instead I lied to myself saying there were things I had to do
When you heard the gate lock
You knew you couldn’t make me stay so
You walked me over to the bus stop
I should have never turned away

:: Chorus ::
But if you’re walking down that old road, you know what to do
Walk down just past the apricot grove to the pond where we used to
Whisper things that nobody knew
And we would make pretend we could capture the light of the moon
Never realized what I’d found
In that apricot town

Years down the road I found
You had moved to the city
I told myself you’d call
Thinking oh he loved me once didn’t he
All the months I waited from the autumn to the fall
Finally the memories faded but I could not lose them all

:: Bridge ::
And how would you look at me now
If you ever found I decided to come back around

When I say my last prayer and I finally make it home
I would be waiting there in the spot we used to call our own
I’d remember that way that I feel now
I’ll meet there someday in our apricot town
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