The World


Stop wishing
Go out and follow your dreams
You came here to find
The truth and what it means
Don't waste time
Live the life in front of you
So little time
And still so much to do

As the world keeps spinning round
I try to keep my feet on the ground
come on, let's change the world
Just take a look around
at this little dirty town
Come on, let's change the world

Enough is enough
Keep on dreaming,
Keep on believing
That one day we will
All be set free

Don't be afraid
to stay and leave your mark
Come and shine your light
And chase away the dark
Being silent won't accomplish anything
take a look around at things
No one is noticing

Open your eyes, see what you can do
I believe in you
There are things that you were born to do
I believe in you, I believe in you
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