Fitter Than You


Fitter Than You

create a war of anger
try to reach me with your weapons
nothing will get through

come create yourself with a new mechanic
let your engine grow - faster

i meet you at the frontier tonight
so you wanna do it
yeah i wanna do it
let's fight
you and me will split to a couple of steel
i can see your eyes with a devil's grin
survival in the age of the fittest
get ready for your last breath
cause i would have no mercy
weakness is a state of mind
so what's in yours?
what will i find?

the old attraction in power games
did we ever learn anything else?
is it just a game? or a must?

wild animals used to hunt us millions of years ago
we had no chance, we had to eat with their left for us
we pray to them, we killed to please them
we feared them, we turned into them to kill

like now - blood for life
rituals - blood for life
victims - and god was created

the sun looked at us like a goddess
we fell on our knees inside of beauty
we fell so small and lived in fear
dangers on whereever we were

the animals were pure power
we had to be like them - stronger - better
fire -weapons - to the last day on earth
but - there will always be - fear

someone's always fitter than you
fitter than you

little soldiers full of fear
so come and fight me - if this is your mission
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