caress - but he don't see
my occasion being sweet for him like candy
caress - it's a heartbreak-man
achiever - in me

it's a gentleman - feet to his hairtips
don't tell me - cause these are my own risks
let me learn - it on myself
achiever - in me

caress - please don't break in
he's one of my favourite-men
caress - there's no better feel
achiever - in me

want him not to stop - no never
if i'm a pot he must be the cover
caress - only thing I need
achiever - in me

he's like Robbie Williams but even stronger
feel him inside feels like a banger
makes me cheeky - and reeling down
achiever - in me

ich kann nichts anderes denken, die Welt zerbricht in mir
vergangenheit und zukunft erfüllt von lust und gier
ich will nicht, daß du da bist - hast mich in deiner hand
nicht lang und du hast mich genau erkannt

achiever in me - got my flesh and blood
now it can be - i thank god!
achiever in me - it's a super hot
achiever - in me

do you have a lighter
or have a boyfriend
this words don't promise your achievement
it's a lover - only thing i need
achiever - in me
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