Eyes Off!


i just wanna tell you this:
things don't happen in the world for bliss
get your eyes off
let the sun go down
any part of it leaves you movin' around
get your eyes off!

let your mind work for you
don't let the sky dream your life
every day from nine to five
every day from nine to five
you think your life's..
you think your life's a lie
get your eyes off don't let your mind behind!

there's many more
left in pieces
to assemble something that you are
it's not too far
it's not too far away
it's what you are
it doesn't matter - all from 9 to 5
get your eyes off!

so close your eyes
to see what you wanna be:
a part of the society

is it a dream you dream
or really what it seems?

looking outdoors
see people walking down the street
watching your dream of life
and time goes by

looking outdoors
see people watching you dream
every day the time goes by
get your eyes off
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