Killing Smile


it's objective real to me
like it takes my breath away
i'm keeping temper but beguile
worst is yet to come - it's your killing smile

and if i'm walking in the rain
could i ask you something about your name
is it fameless, is it known? is it now to call? or have i to go?

icy feeling down on me - a nearing flow that i can see
the tight straight up in its' back - gives no chance to be ahead
killing smile - it's your killing smile

i see you smiling all around
could i ask you something about future sound
is it sexy, is it vile? is it on the top? or a killing smile?

a broken neck by your own flesh - a killing smile is what you get
the future sounds a force to come - a little chance without forerun
killing smile - it's your killing smile

she was walking in rain there
but got no chance to be ahead
closed the door and removed the wet dress
to lay it on the tv - where IT came out
but the wet dress was no shield
and the smiling ran to become a laughing
laughing at her!
and it began to smile
and it began to laugh
and she began to understand
it's a killing smile!

it's your killing smile that wants to take me high
but i will not reply your ably way to retune
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