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Another One


Lust and flickering - As the needle pierces trough.
Flickering, twitching - as the drug gets to you.
Screaming, kicking - as the pain emerges.
Shattered and broken - such as deadly curse.
In your hunt to find happiness and peace of mind.
To get away from your mistakes no matter what it takes.
Waiting, hoping - as I look down on you.
Praying, crying - that you will make it through.
Fading and dying - and don't know what to do.
Hey man - I didn't even know you.
Another one to die without a reason why.
Why can't we ever learn?
Soon it might be your turn.
It's not easy just to quit - We all got to be a part of it.
Something's gotta change fast - Or we will not last.
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