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We had our times, we had our fun, we had a friendship that couldn't be undone.
In those times we had a goal, working together with straight and positive souls.
We were like one, yeah you and me, as close as friend could ever be.
But times do change and so did you and there wasn't a thing that I could do.
Watched it all fade away, I guess I'm happy it's gone this way.
I could have struggled but what would have been the use?
Now I'm back and I'm re-fused.
I don't get it, I'll never see.
Was your change natural or was it just in me?
Cause when I see you, you walk right by without noticing me or saying hi.
You're so cool. You've got your friends.
I guess that's where our friendship ends.
I've seen your bullshit, it makes me strong.
To pick myself up and prove that you are wrong.
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