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The New Deal


Nazi propaganda, another lie.
You don't get it, never did, never will.
Try to deny events of history, so blinded by your white pride that you don't see.
Excuses, excuses to cover up the facts.
You're blindfolded.
To scared to look back.
The fake empire is on the rise, but most people don't care and they don't open up their eyes.
If you make up a lie and sell it big enough some people will buy cause they are stupid enough.
We gotta stop this hate.
We gotta end this trend.
The silent majority, too scared to see that fear and aggravation only brings violent ways.
Cause when foreign hostility is at it's peak people seem to go for the easy answers.
In this time and age it is easy to create a "new" wave or movement that inspires hate.
A trend of dividing, just right in time, when immigration, overpopulation is on everyones mind.
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