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Racial Liberation


It's time to see, to dare and face the facts. It's been going on so long that
we can't turn our backs. No more, we need to set things straight. We can't
longer have a foundation built on hate. On lies of the white mans superiority.
Whit these kind of ideals we can never achieve equality. Racial tension
increasing more and more. We gotta solve these problems from the core.

And I see ignorance, anxiety and fear that is breeding this hate. We gotta
learn and educate to get these problems solved. Racial liberation should be our

Society still maintaining the tradition by using violence and corruption when
people are trying to listen to words that change and make a difference. They
scare them, oppress them until they change opinion. By using colors they can
still maintain conservative ways and actions that is causing so much pain. No,
no more, you can't divide a nation. It's timeto rise to the racial liberation.
To only see things in black and white do you think that it's right?
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