Barz (feat. Nicki Minaj)


Lick it, split it, twist it, hit it, splif it, pitch it, roll anotha
Haha, yo you see they probably wonder why I don't smile
Cuz this cats need to get there own style
Hold the phone dial
I go miles, when I'm sprinting on the beat
You get lifted of yo feet

When yo spliffin up my trees
Quit givin me a speech
I really tryna hear this
See with these lyrics
I'm tryna run fearless
We playing games in this jungle, jumanji
With bomb tree, hidden under all my dirty laundry
Call me an arm free fucking around
I'm putting words in your mind

So you in love with the sound
They saving my place
Tryna shove this food in my face
So they force it down my throat
Til I'm use to the taste
Now move to your place
Cuz I'm campin out on top
Fresh kicks on my feet
While you sititn in some socks
Cops tryna get me lock

Catch me fucking with shenanigans
But ill just handle them and throw
them in the ambulance
They want to know what my hands is in
Scare me straight
Get back bitch I ain't tryna share my plate
Whats good fam, I love money, I will marry cake.
Get a rich bitch like ashley and mary kate.
And I ain't talking about one of them

I'm getting both
I grab them and get a lo
And then take their money and their coats
I blow trees, so my mouth is always filled with smoke
You sniffin coke
Singing but you haven't hit a note

Plus that shit you wrote isn't set to carry a crowd
I'm legendary anywhere that I'm out
I'm sharing this pound
With my people like a how high sequel
Told my people need to air out the house
So beware of my mouth
Spittin venom, coming out the cerebellum
With these kicks on my feet,
See I told you I was gellin
You playin felon
You in stealin a penny
I put a hole in your belly like you oprah or jenny

Lick it, split it, twist it, hit it, splif it, pitch it, roll anotha
I sport a long white tee, fitted cap, baggy pants.
If you see me be sure to slap my hand
Some people do it for the love
Some peiple do it cuz they can
But me, I'm tryna be legend like bag a vance
Some rap will make you think
While other shit will make you dance
So I bump what ever is in the system
Tryin to make some plans
I just want to see whats good for the night time

If nothings hype, I'ma head up to crib and write rhymes
Age like white wine, nicer by the second,
Thats why I never put punctuation on a sentence
Cuz the song goes on, here a dope song
If they say I wasn't for real, then you was told wrong
See you ain't on, what we on
You bright, I'm neon
I'm smoking up the weed till the tree gone
My life is up and down like a sew saw
So I stay with a bitch like leon...phelps
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