When he first walked thru the door
I had this feeling that I never felt before
He was the finest thing I ever seen
He had me trembling just cause he smiled at me
Then he kissed me softly on my cheek, said to
Me "you smell good enough to eat" girl
I swear my heart must have skipped a beat
He's got me feelin' like
I did when I was seventeen
(And I couldnt wait) for him to put his hands all over me

So I let him know that I was ready for him to make love to me
But slowly, then slowly he
Undressed me, then slowly he laid me down
He pulled my panties down
Then slowly he went down on me, then
Slowly we made love

It's been an hour since his love had been in me couldn't believe
He felt this good inside of me, it was
Everything I dreamed that it would be and
Like a virgin I was tight, but he loosened me. Then slowly he
Began to speak "it's so good baby" is
What he said to me
Girl I'm telling you that this man is the truth,
Put it on me like a real man is supposed to
(And I couldn't wait) to feel him come inside of me, (but he
Wasn't selfish, he was patient, all night he made love to me, but slowly.)

(We made love, we made love) to the steady
Rhythm of our heartbeats (we made love) till the tears came down
My face (we made love) till the rain, sunshine
And the fall leaves turn to snow. He took my body through
The four seasons (we made love)
Till our spirits locked and wouldn't let go (we made love) till our bodies
Couldn't cum no more (we made love)
Till the moon became the sunlights glow he filled my cup till it
Overflowed. (we made love)
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