I didn't say, 'I'm sorry babe
'Cause half the fault was mine'
I didn't say, 'we'll work it out
'Cause all we need is love and faith and time'
I said, 'if that's the way you want it
I won't stand in your way'
She's gone and now
I'm hearing all the things I didn't say

I didn't take her in my arms and kiss away her tears
I didn't say, 'my life don't mean a thing if you ain't here'
I thought of all the many games I'd be free to play
But all I do is listen to the things I didn't say
I didn't say, 'take off your coat
I'll make some coffee and a talk'

I didn't say, 'the motorway is such
A long and lonely, endless walk'
I said, 'goodbye, good luck and
God bless you', then she walked away
And left me here to live with all the things I didn't say
And now I guess she'll never hear the things I didn't say
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