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Drop That


Supportin you I rain on you now drop it like it's hot is
Benji benji benjamin my on the topic
Rock make it rock uhh girl bounce
That ass pop it girl don't stop it
It's drugs we got cash I wanna see that ass go low

Ass low money pile overflow
Dayuumm baby got the fattest ass I ain't gay so the
Problem is I'll have to pass make it
Clap so after I can take a bow
Hurricane in a stormin up the place now
Drop it drop it drop it
Bitch I run it bitch I run it

He for ones they don't want it
I got racks of hunnits hunnits uhh
Boolah got the weed treaty got the crees pezzy gotta
Thousand fifty and bugatti keys
Do it with ease we drop it like
All them leaves we drop it then leave
Broke bitch please give me

A stack of these cash money
Like little wees till we got them flockin
They swinging all on my kneessszzus right in your mouth
Hoe keep talking I got something for your mouth hoe
Where's your man I'll show him where his mouth go drop
That bitches listen to how the hook go.

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