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Real Talk (ft. Drake)


'Cause you know mama you didn't raise no bitch
So if a nigga wanna get at me
I be out in them streets, my thang cocked
'Cause really all I got in the game everyday is me
Real talk

Everyday is a new challenge
I'm a savage in my new balance
A lot of rappers but not enough raw talent
Blame the machine but fuck it I'm a hustla bitch
So we start our own label sellin' bricks legit

Power to the people, a lot of power in my pencil
We da hope for the hopeless, the voice for the voiceless
Outlaw soldiers, we still in the game
Years later last members fuckin' feelin' the same

Straight from the heart, makin' 'em walk
Live for the day don't wait for tomorrow
Hatas gettin' they wrong, I seen tha streets rap
Rounda tough with some niggaz
I seen preachers put religion in the roughest of niggaz

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