Your Love


I gotta let u know just how i feel
I'm not ahsamed to say
Like many others do
And i'll take the chance
You'll laugh at me
But i gotta get it of my chest
And maybe you will take
Your chance with me

Cause girl you were standing alone
In the cold i believe
In days like these
You might be deceived
Don't be a fool
Looking for a love that will
Always be there
If not in you then
I might find it nowhere

Your love is all that i need
Before i call it a day
Don't need a reason to let u know
Your love is all that i need
Before i call it a day
And baby all i need is your love
Your love all day (2x)

Gotta let me know how u fell
U gotta undestand our destiny is
In your hands
Don't ask me questions girl,
Don't ask me why
If we're not meant to be
God has told me a lie

And babe your love
Is all that i need
You better make up your mind
I never had to beg for love
Until this day i'm begging you,
Please stay
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