Special Girl (ft. Marques Houston)


[Intro: Romeo]
I think we need to let these dudes know
It aint just about havin a girl
But havin dat special girl
I mean
Every good doctor dats kinda relationship wit his patient

[Hook 1: Marques]
I wanna make u my girl
Shorty aint nothin like u in this world
You so special to me
Right here is where I want u to be, coz you my special girl

[Hook 2: Romeo (Marques)]
Cant nobody do me like u do (special girl)
U arrive wit me and Im arrive wit u (special girl)
Cuz in the end its just me and you
You was made for me and I was made for you

[Verse: Romeo]
Now u know Im da thug type chain hang low wit da all white
From the yo but the dude doin all right
Tell pops dont trip you'll be alright
U aint well to lil boy you wit a prince tonight
Ya like fairy tales girl I can be ya night
Or you can be Cinderella of my snow white
Your eye candy to the eyes I been blessed twice
I got a nice life all I need is a wife
I mean the way you move make me wanna drop the mic
Its just me and you baby we dont need the lights
Im like the doctor baby, I make you feel better
Light skin corn rows it don't get better
The president of Guttar Music so I get cheddar
They on the carpet while we walkin on chinchilla
Them lil rookies tryna holla but you all mine
Drop karats on ya finger make you go line

[Hook 1: Marques]

[Hook 2: Romeo (Marques)]

[Verse: Romeo]
Before u got a cat feelin, kinda like Im sittin on a building
Im on cloud nine head hittin all the ceilings
Cant really describe that this feeling that Im gettin
Is something about ya eyes gotta do straight trippin
I heart you they say my pimp game slip in
Its more than them goodies they 6.4 switchin yup
Nice legs and ya backyard's kickin
All the chefs at the do tryna get to the kitchen
But you different I aint worry bout that
You my special girl I gotta tell the world bout that
One wish was the less now you rollin in Lax
Wont stop cant stop see I told you that
You my S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
G.I.R.L. what that spell
You so gutta, but you so good
Lets get away to a cabin in them woods

[Hook 1: Marques]

[Hook 2: Romeo (Marques)]

[Verse: Marques]
Tell ya the truth about her
She is my best friend
An no matter what people say she is my girlfriend
No need to let the homies hate, we still gone do our thing
And we gone be together baby
And we gone keep it gangsta till the end
Baby all i need is me an u
Heyy all i need is youu baby
Special girl
You my special girl yeah

[Hook 2 x2: Romeo (Marques)]
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