Trippin On You


There's something on my mind
I've been trying to say for days
Baby come around my way
I've been watching you
And you've been watching me
There's something in the air
You and I can see (babe)

Something about your love
Has got me overjoyed
I can't avoid the feeling
So let me explain the way
I feel about you
Only if you want me to

Ev'ry now and then
I just can't stop
I try to speak my mind
But my conversation drops
I see your little... Ooh
It catches my eye
And when I see you walking
I go my oh my

I just want you
Can't you see it
Let me take you
To the limit
I can't stop, it's just to strong
Let me, let me show it to you all night long, baby ooh
Trippin' on you

I can tell by your eyes
You want me so
On the down-low
Nobody has to know
Now I must confess
You're thrillin' me, killin' me
With that instinct basically
It's all about your love
And the way you turn me on,
And on, and on
Got you on my mind
Baby all the time
You got me like a fish on your line

If you want me tell me so
Baby I don't wanna
Let you go
Look at him, now look at me
Tell me who
Do you wanna see
Life's too short,
So make up your mind
'Cause I will be the real
Love you'll find
He can give you
Diamond rings
But my love
Is the purest thing

You're such a pretty lady
I wish that we could maybe
You're so fine
But you're playing tricks
With my mind
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