Secret Love


Dreams of love
My secret is with you
I think of how our love could be
But all my friends say I'm a fool

I don't care
What people have to say
Whenever I can
I'll be there for you
I am sure I'll find the way

Whatever you do
Don't break my heart
Wherever you go
We'll never part
'Cause I know our love is strong enough
And you'll always be my secret love

You and I
It's like the book of love
I must have read a thousand pages
But it seems it's not enough

I wish I
Could give the world to you
And when I see a falling star
Then I will make that wish come true


Out of love
Out of hand
Make me understand
Baby please
All need (is to see)
What it takes
For me to win our love
Your love


And you'll always be my secret love (x2)
My secret love
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