Kick This One


(INTRO) Now kick this one here for me and my city

[Verse 1]
Now I was rocking this party in the hundreds wilding
You know where them killaz get right and rock a party
From Friday to Saturday night
Fifth of remy I'm scum and still hold the mic
I tried to put it down, and say that I'm cool
But they give it back to me and say continue
Thats the thing about hundreds they never give up
On the drug and the music and all that hood stuff
That makes ya life worth hustling for
Projects is the crowd, the crowd that I draw
Never am I fake, and never ever shall I be
Aint a chicken alive that can deal with me
And if you think your the one, that can deal with this
well you a... bets prepare cause I spit that shit

Kick this one for Southside
Kick this one for the Westside
Now kick this here for me and my city

[Verse 2]
Yo I was chilling in the 50, minding my own
When this braod walked up with a chrome microphone
She said "hey bitch look up, I heard about you
so here a microphone let's see what you can do"

So I took the microphone, and I threw it to the bar
Cause I need no assist when it comes to going hard
When I start to rap, she start to shake
She sort of confront me was truely a mistake
So she picked the mircophone up, and I took me a shot
And before I turned around that bitch was down the block, Now

Kick this one for oakyell
Now kick this one for the low end
Now kick this one here for me and my city

[Verse 3]
Now when I'm on stage, everyone start choking
Is it what I'm saying, or is it what I'm smoking?
50-50 chane is what I'm blowin
And at the same time DTP got 'em open
If you can get hype, and sort of like loud
Yo Jay Cee kick this one for the crowd
I been to lots of parties, mostly off a pound
And one thing I notice my niggaz get down
So Hip-Hopper (Hip-Hoppers) from all around
Look what the fuck they found

Kick this one for Chi-Town
Kick this one for the Wild Wild
Now kick this one here for me and my niggaz
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