My Chicago (Part 1)


I be that bitch in an all black tinted out
El Dorado ain't nobody fucking with me dog it's my Chicago, when you see me in the club mean mug your bottle that's the Remy to your face kid Gully Soprano ain't nobody be fucking with the weed like I do,and I'm probably sippin' on the
Remy and that Hypno to, and I'm kinda tired of hearin' what this bitch gon' do cause if she's poppin' wit her fam they can get some to I know you heard about dem bitches from the gold da gutter fuck the sack chaser mami got that dro' and that butter papi hit me for the low and out in Philly with
Tutter with a sticky be so foul make you talk with a stutter like pusha,pusha please can I get one more it's four niggas in da breeze standin' at my door I'm like 1,2,3,4 reachin' at
my four cause if I squa- squa squeeze nigga that's dough$$$ you know [music playin'] That's all we got for that one
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