Take It Slow


[Chorus: Bobby Valentino]
Play Da Song On The Radio Gotta Let My Baby Know When I Get It I'ma Take Control If It Get To Fast I'ma Take It Slow Oh Oh If It Get To Fast I'ma Take It Slow Take It Slow Yeeeah If It Get To Fast I'ma Get To Fast

[Verse 1: Shawnna]
Look I Got Da Feelin U Been Fienin My Body I See Its Leavin Da Party Now Tell Me Wat You Gonna Do Somebody Told Me You Been Thinkin About Me And I've Been Thinkin Probably Could Be A Me On You So Come On Shorty We Could Creep A Bed Get Into Some More Freaky Shit Then We Could Go Back To Da Crib Take A Look How Live To Conceal Let Me Show You How Deep It Get Now We Could Do It Real Fast Or Could Do It Slow I Like When You Make It Last T'ill You Gotta Go He Like The Way I Move Dat Ass Then I Make It Poke Out To Smoke Out To Jag The We Roll And Took A Ride Down Lake Shore Drive Stay So High Flippin Through The City Nigga They Aint No I Stay So Fly Could Take Your Guy Cause They Know I Got Da Bomb And It Aint No Lie

[Chorus X2: Bobby Valentino]

[Verse 2: Shawnna]
Look I Think I Really Need Time To Breathe Because I Know What We Doin Aint Right Right And He Be On Me Everytime I See Him Because He Know How You Me Tight Tight He Wanna See Me In Da Middle Of The Night Wanna Fuck In Da Middle Of The Fight We Break Up To Make Up But When We Make Love We Suck And Nibble And We Bite But I Know I Gotta Chill Cause Now Im Seein Its Real And My Dude Checkin All Yo Phone Bills But Still I Know You Got A Girl Who Be All Off In Yo Grill She Be Checkin Through Your Pagers Stalkin All At The Crib Damn Shouldv'e Known What The Shit Might Do Fuckin Wit A Nigga Like Koo Throw Um In Da Brains Switchin Lanes In The Mid Night Blue So You Please Gotta

[Chorus X2: Bobby Valentino]

[Verse 3: Ludacris]
Luda! Ludacris Dont Play When It Come To Da Sex If It Get To Fst I'ma Take It A Lil Slow Of Dis Speed It Back Up Like Shaquiell O'neil Or Back Board I'll Break It Take It Never Fake It Shake It Run Around My House Butt Naked If You Throw It Good Enough Daddy Might Buy Yo Ass A Tennis Bracelet Cause I Got So Much Dough I Dont Know What To Do Wit It Plus I Got So Much Drough I'll Roll It Up And Let You Hit It Lay Back Lay Back Stay Back Like Puff Take Dat Take Dat Take Dat Take Dat Young Bobby V. Ludacris And Shawnna Make You Hit Dat Playback Like 4 Times I'll Co-Sign You So Fine So Fine Let Me Hit It One More Time Mo Time Cause I Got Dat Goody Good And I Think I Shoudly Should Packed Good Wit Da Woody Wood Im Jus So Hoody Hood
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