House Party


Hey, Leggo
Hey, Leggo
Hey, Leggo

I told him meet me in the backstreet and don’t forget to bring the money
Gotta look out on the block and they screamin’ out there totally
I’m rockin’ in the kitchen, cookin’ up the coka
I said bodo moodoo shoke cuz you fuckin’ up my yola
Got a hundred bucks, not all
My every day is like a movie, get your pop off
A pussy gang call, I need a hard ball
You think you fuck with me, fuck for, you’d better stop boy
I get money by the bag, I get paper by the pound
Every time we in the stop, pop pop yea it’s goin’ down
I got all my bitches with me, lookin’ like a pageant
Red bottom, they’re wet
All you see is asses, blazing up our glasses
Toss ‘em to the real bitches, we don’t hit the real bitches
Know it cuz them real bitches did
Now catch me at the crib probly blowin’ off some stinky
Cuz I do it from the birthway down to the ickys and my black
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