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Final Night


Final Nihgt - Staple

It's the final night - the sounds, the sights;
the mushroom clouded, blood-red skies -
The heavens are ablaze right before our eyes
Hail the light! It proclaims our end, our death, impending doom
Silence is golden - this will have to do -
it's the end of all things, here with you.
May I have this dance before we die?

And in the fall-out's haze we'll fade away, just one last time.
There's no fear in staring in death's eyes -
These are the defining times when we prove that we're alive.

Dig your bunkers fast and deep
Those bombs, (the bombs) they bomb security
Prideful nation's humiliation
when they can't dig as deep as needs to be
Total war, no chance for peace, it's just you and me and history
So take your heart, liberate it please, on the threshold of eternity

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