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The Best Of Times


The best Of Times - Staple

To fall from the ladder that you've climbed towards all of your dreams -
For true love, for victory, for the right to succeed.
Why do we always miss our last chance to try,
but never the heartache of saying "goodbye"?

Heavy hands and sad, red eyes
waiving at their dreams that just passed by

We were so fond. But those moments are gone.
Beloved times that our hearts find -
sometimes we must say "goodbye"

Now the pieces fall and the chips are laid
and I'm not the man that I would have made or could have been.
But this is where I find what trust is for:
crying tears of faith that God's got something more.

This is life, and who's to say the man I see
won't pale in the shadow of the man I'll be
with my heavy hands and sad, red eyes waiving goodbye?

We were so fond, but we have to move on

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