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Honor And Integrity


Honor And Integrity - Staple

I've said all my "Hail Mary's" and I've recited all the right prayers.
I've done a lot in the name of God to gain this solace from your stares.
So break bread as I take unholy communion once more -
As righteous as filthy rags bleeding on the floor.

I'm sitting ripe, sitting fresh in my mire. Behold the poison untold.
I've tried to show the world just how great a man can be,
but this great man I've charaded is the farthest thing from me.

So shall it be: Sown lies shall reap.
Honor has died with integrity.

What can I say? That I've lived what I've told?
They bought me, but I hate the manner through which I was sold.

I know exactly what to do. I know exactly what to say. I believe every word - it's just so hard to obey.

Trojan horse lies filled with big butterflies
and they bought me. They took the bate.
Hook, line, and false, flaky, dimple-creased smile.
Sit back and enjoy the show! I'll have you hooked too, in just a little while.

I've lived all these lies. No more compromising.
I know what to do. I know what to say.
I believe every word; it's just so hard to obey!
I know what I've created - this mess that shadows me -

It leaves my conscience tainted! I want authenticity, integrity.
Jesus, forgive me.

My honor has died with my integrity.

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