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Forging Generals


Forging Generals - Staple

These are the ties that bind. Contracts signed with pulsing blood
Remind us of color when everything turns to grey
Absolutes are life. Deterioration's the killer.
Oath reforms for fallen lords whose kingdoms die.

Are we fallen lords who've laid their weapons down, trading resolve for rash cowardice?

We're at war, but the generals' names were forged.
The pen is mighty when the sword is sheathed.

When battle's waged, we'll see what choice we've made
By the deeds ink tells; of valiant feats, it should spell
For we vow to stand until the end or die.

And the scars we've acquired aren't shadowed in remorse…these scars are our testament -

That we didn't quench spirit's flame - but we assailed hell with swift feet and iron fists proclaiming,
"We fight! 'Til vows fulfilled we shall not rest, assail for honor to the death!"

Show me courage. Show me strength. Show me the resolve it takes
when buckled knees carry the world because the will doesn't break.
When sweat is blood, as wrung from a sponge
And vinegared wounds cover your progress like rank, cheap, expired perfume
The Almighty's head held resolutely 'til dead -
For greatness wrought - the wise should be taught.
Forging generals

We will sign our names to stake our claims
We know the choice that we have made -
Assail for honor to the death. 'Til vows fulfilled we shall not rest.

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