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Use Your Heart


Alone, you and I can intertwine
Refreshing conversation for the mind
As we stare
We both seek and hope to find
Real love, purified

1-Use your heart and not your eyes
Baby, just relax and ride, baby
If you got time then I got time
Free your thoughts, and watch them fly
Use your heart and not your eyes

I sigh, as I watch you sleeping there
So easily I did things I never dared
I say to myself I´m glad that we share
Real love, purified
(repeat 1)

Use your heart
My goodness how it seems like yesterday
She crushed you
Hurt you in the strongest way
You´ve hurt so long
Reward comes to those who´ve cried
Real love purified

Just a second
I look at my watch´s dial
And you love me
Helping me like a child
As we lay, I close my eyes and I smile
At your real love, purified
(rpt 1, 2)
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