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Tell Me How You Want It


Won't you tell me
What's on your mind
Are we moving forward
Or are we, wasting time
Just when I think I have it
Thoughts, slip in my head
Are we for real
What should I feel
Help me understand
Cause deep in my heart
I imagine you and me
Sharing true love
I need to know
Tell me now
Is it just a fantasy, ohh
Tell me how you want it
Do you want to do it right
Or do you, only want it for one night
Tell me how you want it
We can make it anyway you like
But I hope it's for the rest of our lives

Oh, there was a time
Somewhere in my past
When my heart went
(Too far and too fast) for love to last
So before we go
Even one kiss further
Should I stay, should I go
I need to know
I've got to be sure
Cause deep in my heart
I'm looking for you
To show me a sign
That love is real and that you,
Feel this way too
I'm praying you do


You make it so easy for me to fall in love
Is it just an elusion
Or something I can trust
Wanna make the right descision
Don't wanna leave it to chance
Baby are we for real
What should I feel
Help me understand.......
Tell me.......

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