It's About Time


(Verse 1)
It's been a week since I last saw you
(Over and over I imagined) all the things I'm gonna do
Soon, it will be time for this fantasy to come true
I've got something special I wanna try on you
First, we kiss, then relax while I bring you some wine
Take off your shoes, get ready for a real good time
Tonight is yours, and I belong to you
So let's get started, we've got some loving to do

It's about time for us (to get together). Maybe, maybe tonight
It's about time for us (to get together) maybe

(Verse 2)
Everytime you love me, it's like never before
And that just makes me wanna keep giving, giving you more
I'm gonna be, mmmm, the best I can be
'Cause I know that you're gonna do you best for me
There's nothing better than the way you're making me feel
Nothing could be so good, nothing could be so real
So, let's get loving like this all night long
Making up for the time that you've been gone

(Chorus 2x)

We need to get together, spend some time
Oh, I miss you, baby
It's time to hold my hand
It's time to be my man
It's time for some hugging and kissing
And all the things I'm missing

Repeat Chorus Until Fade
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