Love Like This


[Lil' Caesar]
SW - with the V , yeah, you know
Characters lacin' this trizack...
Like this ya'll, what

Never thought I'd find love,
Till the day I found you, sugah
Never had no one to hold me like this, like this
No no no,

This time last year, I was feeling so alone
I never thought that you would come along
You changed my whole world
Now all I have is memories
My lonely days are gone
You changed them right from wrong


Never imagined just what it would be like
To have this feeling that I feel
Without you in my life
It's like a day of sunshine after days of cloudy skies
And when you held me in your arms
You opened up my eyes
(And I tell the world that I'm in love) (yeah, yeah)
And it feels so good to know
You're the one that I adore
Every day (everyday and night you love me right)
I don't want to trade it for nothing in this world


[Lil' Ceasar]
Imagine this, me Caes
E 3's, chesties, palm trees
I know you like the way it sounds so take your pic hon
And watch this tongue go dead between your lips uh
While my niggaz be stazzin' out, I blowin' mad spazzles out
Your leather, my house
What's even better, my cheddar, your couch
It's now or never, my tongue in your mouth
I makes it happen, dumber than a Hummer with my man Trife jigga
Only boney girls with nice figures, ridin' dat digga
Whole figure, platinum with gold diggers
So what's it gonna be girl, tell me who you roll with
Who you wanna be with, who you creep with
I giving you the green light, so if you the right hoe
Ask Joe, square the double, be a playa no more, for sure
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