Running Scared

Ten Yard Fight

You never cared! can't change my heart. can't change what i'm about. test my
Sincerity my spirit what i shout. the times we shared all the things you said
I look around and you're no where to be found. confidence enough to stand by
My words i live and i breathe and i want to be heard i won't let you force me
To the back. overcome the obstacles that stand in my path. accept all the
Consequences of my actions fueled by the convictionand goals of my passion.
All you fucking said it didn't mean shit. when things got hard you gave in
And quit. first sign of trouble and you're running scared. it's plain as day
You never fucking cared don't give me that shit about people changing it's
Just an excuse because you couldn't hang in. all you fucking said it didn't
Mean shit. when things got hard you gave in and quit i won't rely on the
Support of a chemical crutch... no! beat ploys to destroy me to the punch. to
The fucking punch! you... never... cared did you ever believe in the way you
Lived? and how about now? are you proud? no... you never fucking cared!
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