Frame Of Mind

Ten Yard Fight

You want to spread rumors. You want to talk some shit. Well that's fine, just tell me what's your frame of mind? You want to turn this into something that it's not should have stayed clear from the start. Make yourself out to be the victim and you still don't see that it was your decision. Made your choice and won't even try to open your mind and see through my eyes.
Put aside what's blinding your sight and you may see things under a different light. Want to talk shit? Well that's not my game. Just look at the truth. You should hang your head in shame. In shame! You want to spread rumors well that's fine Just don't expect our support the next time you come our way with that two faced grin. And you still don't see that you can not win. Made your choice when you spread your lies but we've seen what you'd like to hide on the surface you may appear to be right. What's done in the dark always comes to light.
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