Glory Bound

Ten Yard Fight

(if you were to talk to most athletes that had been around the league,
They would say boston is the place to play.)
No man is stronger than the crew!
Our team was committed, and you pledged to lead us through.
Day by day, the message spread - our numbers fucking grew.
The plays were written, executed perfectly.
Yards were gained, points were scored -a result of unity.
Fucking unity! but then the glory went to your head.
You took the credit for all we fucking bled.
We fucking bled! you took something pure,
And exploited it, for your own fucking fame.
You're going down. you thought you were better than us all,
But now you see that without your team, you're weak and you're gonna fall.
I can't even stand to fucking look at you, you lost your right to be a part of the crew.
You're going down! you're going down!
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