What I Say

Ten Yard Fight

I'm not trying to step on anybody,
I'm just speaking out on what i know.
I won't bite my tongue,
I don't give a fuck if i happen to step on your toes.
Because if you're doing something fucked up man,
Then don't cry about being exposed [x2].
Maybe i'm the fucking asshole for believing in what i say,
But i can't settle for turning my head and looking the other way.
Why is everybody so afraid to stand up for something true [x2]?
God damn it, maybe it's me, but am i so wrong for believing in what i say?
I guess what i'm trying to say...
At times being honest means standing alone,
But i wouldn't have it any other way.
Have you ever really listened to what i say?
Do you really believe in what i say?
Have you ever even thought about what i say?
Why can't you fucking hear what i say?
Listen to what i fucking say.
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