Dear Wack!

The Beatles

Brian Matthew: Well, despite the fact the next request comes from 132 Perry Road,
Sherwood in Nottingham, it's headed up the pool, and starts: Dear Whack, so John
you take it from there.

John: Dear Whack, Please ask those gorgeos lads--he,he--called the
Beatles--ba ba ba ba boo boo boo--to sing You Really Got A Hold On Me,
for Di, Gus, Vis, and me. Also, for the Beatles themselves, especially
Paul--hu--and everybody that was in the Roy Orbison tour, I am a regular
listener of Pop Go The Beatles, good lad, you're a lad, and please
tell the boys that all the girls in our office think it is a fab show...

Brian Matthew: Alright, oh, stop with that. Wo, that's plenty. And now, what
are you going to sing for us?

John: You Really Got A Hold On Me, mother.
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