Now, Who the fuck are you to judge me?
Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can & can't do?
Can you repeat the feats I'm achieving to rhymes and beats
Or even conceive that I'll be competing still even when I'm deceased
Now beating me is easier than finding peace, But niggaz still criticize
my work and my lines and my shirt down to the size
In a world of scouring eyes, and words compounded by lies
The artistry of lyricism I epitomize

It's overwhelming, cause there's so much to say and so much to change
But for every rapper constantly bitching, I made a record that's honestly different
Just watch the world scoff in the distance, and cynic's bark in resistance
And still, in its wake, this archetype's bound to mimmicked
This is the new hip-hop, devoid of boundaries, gimmicks
Or rigid genres, with no apologies given
To solemnly sing aloud and then spit poly's without inhibition
In a world where courage is reprimanded, but cowardice isn't
The power to listen and learn, keeps me adaptive
A tribe fan that appreciated the classics
But damn if I'm trapped in the past, I act to surpass what they crafted
And still manage to travel the path on the maps that they drafted
And man, I'm rappin on behalf balance
The do it all MC, with the 2 long sleeves, and a passion for practical magic
A tap of the wand, and I'm graphic - another tap, I'm the fastest
You tap again, and I'm chanting on a piano ballad
The preconceived notions get shattered
Fuck mainstream & underground - is the shit any good? is what matters
Why categorize? There's wack and there's nice
So, I put all that to the side and reset the standard for any cat that just asks for a mic
So what that in mind, Them niggaz won't last after they've established their hype
While mine's only added, more than half of my life
And I'm last in a line of cats with divine talent - Don't ask for a sign
Answers will rise in the passage of time -
Cause I'm the Archetype

Cause I'm the archetype. Original as they come
Ayo, they broke the fuckin mold when they made this one
Said I'm the archetype, cause there can only be one
The day intelligence sells, we'll leave the industry stunned
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