Napster Anthem


feat. PackFM
From Napster to
T the Internet's equivalent to a dropped bomb upon the distribution industry
It fits the fusion, feel the synergy
With MP3 Music Communities; not even meters can limit me
There's no boundaries with this, The means finally exist
Cause there's no ceasing to the sounds that people get
And I resoundingly admit, I dress a track like vinaigrette
They're wishing they could go back to when Napster wasn't invented yet
Well, let me interject with intellect, catch me on the Internet
On or off-line, a floppy disk or cassette
I'll address the rap nation, napster to rapstation
The industry's full of dicks, I cut em off like castration
They're catching hissyfits, in actuality it's flattery
I searched napster to download you cats are mad at me?
For you a hard drive is a ride without a chauffeur
But it holds all your tracks for your fans in Manitoba
"Where the fuck is Manitoba?"
Don't you know that little town in West Bumblefuck where the net is your
only form of exposure?
This shit is far from over, damn right I'm a downloader
You should change your names to story, cause yo, I thought I told ya.
Tommy Mottola makes a million a minute, if you see him
Start grilling him in his BM for stealing our listening freedom
He's disagreeing with Napster - acts to block it
But notice, the only artists complaining seem have the fattest pockets
It's sad and shocking, the way that greed controls nation
If a track is lent to me, it's not a legal violation
My summation's they build an absurd case
Cause to make an MP3 of a track I need the CD in the first place
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