Lust, once ya feel it in your bones, yo, you know you can't stop it/
Understand? Let me expand while we're on the topic/
I date plane Janes, hot chicks/
But I usually only fuck with female pilots cause they got the illest cockpits
Ha, and if the crotch fits, where it/
I'm the type of Martha Fokker to ditch a bitch the day before I meet the parents/
She's embarrassed she's dating a rapper - with baggy pants/
Pick her up from mass, system on blast, grabbing her ass/
Glad we could smash, but I gotta move on to the next chick/
I'm an outgoing male, I send one off, and I get one back like Netflix/
Now get this, when you're sexually reckless, you can have a girl that makes you breakfast/
But you'll still seek the rejection of a leggy temptress/
She's like your petty deathwish/
You be dressed in your best shit, tryna silence the skeptics/
Upset kids called her a |hoe, and I hoped to god it was true/
Cause see, a hoe fuck everybody, A bitch fuck everybody but you/
I'd forget about it, but soon, I behold it's a sign
Envisioned a coked-out Whitney signing "Moment In Time," when I told her I rhymed/
And fames the best aphrodisiac know to man, cause now we holding hands/
Saying 'lets blow this stand', and, yo, I hate to spoil plans/
So now that we rolling, I'm the Trojan man, she's stroking it fast/
I'm jonesing for ass, but I almost choked on the gas when I opened her pants/
So potent a blast a fish that It was scary, man/
I snatched the pine tree from the rearview mirror and sandwiched it in her hairy clam.

I got pussy, pussy, pussy on my mind and it's killing me/
2 To 3 at a time, menagetwois or a trilogy/
I really feel the need to sing this song/
Cause I dated a bi-chick for 3 years and I never got my threesome on/
There's only so many tricks that one woman can teach a schlong/
And even Cheech & Chong agree, more than one freak sure beats the bong/
But, I've reached the wall, and yo, I've only failed,
Knowing that getting the most available hoes with tail to bone & bail's the holy grail/
Now for the solo male there isn't the fattest chance in hell/
You can ask two bad frat chicks to nail without landing your ass in jail/
And that's the real haphazard deal, when one set of tits ain't enough/
Ya' want wetter clits, save the hunt, Son, you better just pay to fuck/
The way my luck is, on whether I'll get or get got/
Is slim, but if the chance comes, I can't front, I'll give it a shot/
And I'm shitting you not, the day came when I was put to the test/
Because of my stage name I met these three hookers looking for sex/
They claimed Janessa, Brooke & Beth were their governments/
And wanted to triple the pleasure and triple the fun like they were doublemint/
I'm stuttering, I'm looking down at my dick 2 chicks is rubbing it/
Beth tells me to look at her tongue and then imagine my cum on it/
Then, suddenly one of 'em starts crying, some shit bout her ex-man/
And when one chicks in need, the two others WILL ditch the sex plans/
With staff in hand, I'm asking, "Is it the time for this shit?'/
From the back of the pack I hear 'Can't you keep your mind off your dick?

This is just another sad song/
For times like this, when everything's mad wrong/
You missed your chance, you gotta keep your pants on/
When things don't go your way.
Go your way.

It's another assless night/
When the shorty your with isn't acting right/
You're forced to fuck chicks who aren't half as tight/
When things don't go your way.
Go your way.
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