Book Of The Dead


I fought in egypt with this tour-guide the other day
I smoked him, he jetted -- went out like a sucker
You shit the minute that weapon told you my name
You couldn't think of hot lines, even when i'm scorching your brain
You just won a fortune of pain and embarrassing harassment
Social disdain niggas wouldn't believe your rhymes if you put cher in it
Tearing kids with an arrogant air apparent
The closer my hands get to your neck
You start squealing just like a theramin
I'm squaring in my targets-locking, delivery's partly shocking
You could be a geologist and you'd be hardly rockin
Chicks in a bar be flocking at me exposing their panties
And gladly holding em open, like you, they hoping to scam me
Leave you broken and badly bruised, with flows i'm soaking fannies
Blows are nasty, you're a whore and a pansy moore than mandy
Who's courting for candy and snorting with brandy
Your style's flimsier than what jennifer lopez wore to the grammy's
Tore your family heritage, your chance of winning 50% less than marriages
Leave you a vegetable like asparagus
Pulling plugs outta sockets with hand gestures
Your voice is annoying it don't fit like fran dreshcer's
I be verbally ambidextrous
With a grip so tight, every word i udder will make a cow attest to this
Tempestuous energy readily emitted
Just stepping to me's a crime and this here is the penalty to fit it
Transgressions committed are never acquitted
I'll bust a nut in your mouth
Tell you to rhyme and you still couldn't spit it
You're fragmented like hard drive partition defect
Don't even front, you're just a mobb deep audition reject
Cause i cannot fuckin' stand
When bitches like you don't have the gull to be yourself when rhyming on a jam
Trying to sound all rugged and raw
But you can reach as high as you can you would barely be tuggin' my balls
Stunning the hall of famers, and famous niggas that's remaining nameless
I'll shamelessly leave you brainless…the deed is painless
When i be digging the deepest most heinous basses, your mothers tasted
Ask your neighbors, cause t-o-n-e is what her maiden name is
The most jaded of entertainers have stated
I'm the greatest creative flavor they've ever observed or contemplated
You've done the worst overdubbing since twister
Kodak could offer home delivery and you still wouldn't be gettin the picture
You lose! like street fighter alpha omega
Hyper super turbo fighters zeta version number 2
Build 3, still don't understand me?
I'll exile your style and make you miss america like ali landry
Cause you get outed like ellen degeneres
Cobras refuse to battle me cause to them my pen is so venomous
You defaulted to get here, that's irrelevant evidence
I'm making sure that sphinx is reverted back to a remnant
And that's only the out-of court settlement
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