No More


Don’t talk, just walk
Going nuts, hate my guts
Get good grades, another shove
Stop being a loser
Stop being in love
And why do I need these stupid glasses

I’d give my life to be anyone but me
Anyone but me
I wanna be anyone but me

This isn’t home, just a house
Broken door, broken glass
Dad’ll yell, tune him out
He’s drunk by now
He has to shout
Keep on walking, just ignore
Just get to your room and shut the door

Let me disappear, or just be
Anywhere but here
Anywhere but here
I wanna be

Everyday is like a war and I’m losing it
I’m taking hits from every side
Every side that there is
Everyday I feel the walls are closing in
When can I begin
To get myself right out of this place

Anyone but me
I count the grass as it grows
Anywhere but here
I got to sleep in my clothes
But the shoes don’t fit

I am not what I’ve been told
Where do I, where do I live
I am not what I’ve been sold
What do I take
I’m at the point of possibility
Who will I find
I can almost glimpse infinity
When is the time
I am not where I belong
And I can see an open door
And I can’t live like this, no more
I can’t live like this, no more
I can’t live like this
No more
No no no no no no
No no no more
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