One More Thing

Zion I

[Verse 1]
Systems of pressure
Blessing my freshest lighthearted breathe
Deep inside we weave, mental styles deceive
Try to listen believe, enter my heart my art I spark
Black markers written on walls, I'm standing so tall
We ball - sometimes we fall
Gotta get up, don't trip, Apostle Paul
Speaking my gospel, do it like this, but life it feels hostile
I - search the skies, I'm doing it everday
This is how I shall rise


One more thing...

[Verse 2]
Brain cells react, everytime that I'm putting on impact
Contact, method explode, let me explain with my raps
Written in blood, living in water, do everything like the daughter
of Earth - birth, place, turf, sometimes it seems I'm not worth
Anything that I would be, I sing my song so I can be free
Just watch me, clock me
Liberation is all that I know, my flow


I got one more thing to say...
But I don't know how...
Don't know how...

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