Zion I

Sometimes it's hard to say I'm sorry yo

yo, eh, my raps written in a whirlwind, so if my tail spin
just point at me and ill begin where the twirl ends
its difficult to open up, wounds that never shut
and watch it bleed while these rap critics eat it up
but such is destiny, a limit of choice
I'm the coppertone chiller, with the little kid voice
used to never talk, thoughts too deep, they're philosophical
to drop interpretations, quite logical
systematic pressure, I ingest and write my letters
the misery, visibly, breaking me, physically
I walk around half-smiles, hiding pain deep, knowing that I ain't feelin
right and it's hard to sleep/ subconsciously worry about my mom and poppa
she want another life where she marry her a doctor
and after all these years it's just tears
she wanted something more, but it's hard to shift the gears
pops stressin out, didn't know he did nuttin wrong
apologetic, say your sorry but the hurt has been done
same old song, but I don't understand the melody
treated like a criminal, third strike felony
its hard as fuck when you see your pop cry
lookin deep into my face never blinkin an eye
say your sorry

sorry, didn't mean to hurt nobody
sorry, never knew I was hurtin you
I'm sorry

yo this is for the ladies that I did wrong, it's sort of crazy
that I would write these words up in a song, hopin maybe
to get some closure, relationship's already over
I'm healthy and I'm sober, no brownies made of doja
born in october, I'm a libra in my placement
the qualities of my sign, they leave me here adjacent
to romance, I cant say ive been faithul
ive cheated many times, for experience I'm grateful
even, bleak and honest, posturin like a madonnas
while kissin on your neck, pullin deeper marijuanas
manipulatin, you was giving, I was taking
my girl weve been forsaken, like muslims eating bacon
its kinda squalor, I dont know what else to call it
you opened up your heart and I had to go and spoil it
this is for the sisters who I really got deep
nicky, jackie, queen afuya, Big T
all due respect cause we met for a purpose
I hope you ain't ashamed cause the time wasn't worthless
I'm sorry


to all my homies gettin my back, I'm never lonely
if I ever dis, raised a fist, I was only
caught up in the moment, thought you was my opponent
I saw myself in you for a minute, and I wanted
to fight me, likely I was mad at self
sometimes it's easier to blame someone else
without ya'll couldn't stand the constant demands of livin rap life
It's only right that we band/ together against the restless tides of oppression
I'm firin rhymes like smith n wessun
progression is made with a simple step, even jesus wept
I'm lettin ya know too long, these feelings kept
inside of my mind, true friends hard to find
now that I let it out, we gotta shine cousin I'm so sorry
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