Cheeba Cheeba

Zion I

Goodness gracious
This place is so spacious
I'm feelin' so live and vivacious
Blessed with the ancient
The epitome of gymnastics and bombastic we blast it with such
Detail to the touch
And back up the bum rush
Make 'em hush
Knock 'em out flush
Shake 'em out their shoes
Bad energy blues
What rules?
Haven't you heard the news?

(Hey) It's the boogie man's trance advancingly expansion
Major flavor now engage with your dancing
Crazin' raisin' up the roof curing cancers
A whole lot of problems, nobody but answers (Uh)
Gang of killers, acting like gorillas
Dropped the little man, but you still couldn't feel us
Rappers acting like drug dealers for the skrillas
The business with the tracks that they claim is the realist

Rock rock man
Freak freak man
Cheeba cheeba man
So unique man
Rock rock man
Freak freak man
Cheeba cheeba man
I'm a leader

(Uh) Who shot Malcolm???
And put the ghetto U on the vex - sentence
And with a vengeance
Street light presence
Wanna be king because we live like peasants
Living on a morrow?
Time 'til tomorrow
Break, meditate to style like Frida Kahlo
Feeling muy cansado
Then you should pucker up
Guarantee just let the G-O-D heal your cuts

(Yeah) Beneath the skies
Where the mountains rise
Make the whole world wise
Come feel these vibes
See the problem lies
Behind your eyes
Don't let your time run short before your energy dies
Your persevere - is so severe
Before they - burst in here
They make it worse in here
It's your worst fear
It already hurts in here
You can see clear but you can't get out of first gear


(Yeah) I time travel
Flip it to a different channel
Grab the handle
Ride it and guide it
And to your own (?) utopia - euphoria
Road warrior - I didn't come for Gloria
I'm coming from Korea to give you a note
I walk and took a plane and a sailed on a boat
They told me to tell you we need your support
And if we don't come together then we coming up short

In the valley I drive on I gone with Acey-
Along my gracy
Ju-jitsu with ponce
It's got a lot mics I like a lot of types
Flight in the sights the best feeling in life
Energize high the (??)
Children singin for their kites
Ima see light, the sun (??)
Cause cousin, it's only right
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