Same Cycle

Zion I

feat. D.U.S.T
[Verse 1]
(y'know what?!)
Everything comes back in due time
I throw D.U.S.T. on your shoe-shine (y'know what?!)
Soldiers in the camp getting out their line
They done lost their mind (y'know what?!)
My fam stands solid
I give my all to the cost you take it away from me? (y'know what?!)
You see this mic? Stay away from it!
You see these streets? Dont play on it! (y'know what?!)
Spit my flows - I know they hatin on it, debatin on it (y'know what?!)
School is in - You tricked me once, but I wont be fooled again (y'know what?!)
I love the rap game, it's hard to maintain with a bullet in your brain (y'know what?!)
I'll be here when the world ends
In due time you'll see your real friends

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
It's the same cycle
Day in and day out
You could take another route
But what's it all about?
Places we go
What the next day brings
You just never know

[Verse 2]
(y'know what?!)
I'm just a man like you
I used to be a fan like you (y'know what?!)
I stand with my crew, stay true
Tell me what you wanna do? (y'know what?!)
There's a feeling in the air
People act strange (y'know what?!)
Who to trust? He talked to Heat D.U.S.T
I'm outta ya range (y'know what?!)
Too much bloodshed
It's like a blow to the head (y'know what?!)
Don't go to the feds, and both of us dead
Don't you be scared, you're breaking the bread (y'know what?!)
Keep takin that red light, you heard what I said, right?
It's time to end (y'know what?!)
In the worst way, get your birthday
Sometimes Allah got no mercy

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