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Life Begins At The Cross

Altar Boys

Take a look at the world how the people run around
Time marches on and the world keeps running down
They're living in a fantasy, Of what they think life should be
There's a deadness in this world and I know why
People look for life from things that make them die
They just can't understand, How my life is in God's hands
And I won't fade away

Life begins at the cross
It's not easy to take,
But it's the price you pay
Life begins at the cross
No other way

And if you want to live eternally
God said pick up you cross and follow me
And then He was crucified
Put on a cross crucified
So I can live again


Authors note:
It's not a piece of wood that hangs on your wall
It's not a piece of steel(that means nothing at all)
It's right here in our hearts, can't take it away
Hang on to it ok?!
-Ric A.L.B.A.
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