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It's Up To You

Altar Boys

Caught up in this world
You feel like you are all alone
The walls are closing in
Your life is looking pretty dim
I've got some news for you
God wants to make you brand new
Brand new oh--

It's up to you, It's up to you -ooh -ooh

Don't be deceived
Why not live for eternity?
Jesus paid the price
Come on and give Him a try
It's all up to you
Come on and step on thru
Step on thru

Oh, oh you're dreaming of a better life
And you get so close
Yeah, yeah you'll never have a better life
'Till you let go of the old, the old

Open up and see
Your life will change when you believe
Now the time is right
Give Him all of your pain and strife
Jesus is waiting for you
You know He loves and it's true
It's true Oh, Oh

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