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When I See You

Altar Boys

Sometimes when things get to me
That's when I want to be
There right next to you
I know it will all come true
I'm still waiting for that day
When tears will be wiped away

When I see You - face to face
Man, I tell you I just can't wait
When I see You - and it's said and done
Then You and I can be as one
I know it won't be long, so I'm gonna keep holding on
I'm gonna do what He wants me to do,
Oh Lord, I wanna be with You
When I see You!

This world keeps moving faster
It's heading for disaster
But, I've put my trust in You
Just like You want me to do
And nothing else can compare
When we're taken up in the air


I'll do anything so let me know what You want me to do...
All my hopes and everything will come alive,
Yea, they'll come true
They'll come true


When I see You
Someday we're gonna go away
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