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Altar Boys

Jimmy was always running
Running from the evil that he'd done
Until one day thay caught up.
Right before they locked old Jimmy up
I said "Hey Jimmy, what will you do?
You've got to pay for what you've done.
There is somebody who wants to forgive you.
Is this message getting thru?"

In G.L.M. there's a message that we send.
In G.L.M., Gut Level Music our communication
G.L.M., In your gut you know He's there.
He's on a level you can understand,
He's in the music that you hear in G.L.M.!!

Sally had a big dream
She wanted to see her name in the lights
And leaving for the city
She wound up with only lonely nights.
Sally, it's up to you!
I won't tell you what to do.
But somebody loves you
Just the way you are,
To Him, you're a star Sally.


Dana hated living!!
He always felt that life was just a drag!
And ready to do himself in,
But right before he put a gun to his head.
I said "Hey Dana, I'm tellin' you life can be worth living. I'm on the level with you!
When everything's going wrong.
God can keep you holding on."
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