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There Is A Love

Altar Boys

Looking at the walls that divide you freedom
Doubt works overtime handing you a line
Dou you dare to take a climb on over
Or will fear cast its fate in the darkness of the day

There is a love, There is a love
There is a love that I am thinking of

We all sing songs of happiness and songs of pain
I hear it all the time in the melodies we make
A heart that grows cold makes some sad, sad music
Is there hope for him, Buddy listen in cause


Oh there is a love that
God can give to all of us
Will you stand around?
Look what's coming down, Look what's coming down

Some will shake it off it will roll right off their backs
Hearts can be like stone, I tell that's a fact
But love will have its triumph
In power he will come like a flash across the sky
Burning every soul
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